Obsessive compulsive personality disorder



  • Wants to have control, perfection, is rigid
  • Colourless, the grey mouse
  • Dissapointed
  • Niggardly
  • Workaholic, advisor

Gerard [No ye]

Musical principles

  • Perfect melody lines
  • Chord changes you can expect
  • With regular changes in upper and under dominance
  • Few changes in notes, limited capacity
  • Cheap sounding instruments
  • Accompanying arpeggios that keep going on and on

The repeating gets annoying. Of course I am referring to the constant need to do the same things over and over, compulsively. The switch can’t be turned off. The ticking clock in the end refers to the forcer based on the tension of a spring. Winding it up once and it will keep going for days, obsessively. In our Western musical tradition we are used to specific patterns. This habituation makes that we have some expectations in what’s coming. I did my best to not meet those expectations.