Narcissistic personality disorder



  • Wants to be seen and admired
  • Power: his surroundings have to be happy and beautiful
  • Thinks he is superior to anyone else
  • Hidden feeling of inferiority and mirrors himself to others to measure his self worth, he always needs to be better
  • The narcissist thinks he is the “Golden Boy”
  • Often male. Everything around them has to be gorgeous as it will influence himself.
  • The wife of a narcissist will be forced to go get a haircut, manicure and pedicure every week.
  • Everything and everyone surrounding a narcissist has to bring his ranking higher. Including his partner and children. They are his accessories.
  • The mirrors on the hairs of the piece are a reference to the Greek myth of Narcissus
  • The feelings of a narcissist aren’t based on actual love. In the end the whole world revolves around him.

Gerard [no ye]

Musical principles

  • Open character with mirroring tones
  • Happy tunes
  • Major tones
  • Heavy undertone/support
  • FUGA-like structure
  • Nice tones (flute), soft because of the undertone
  • Haltingly and insecure

From the characteristics that Femke described, I got my inspiration from the fact that a narcissist used their partner as an accessory. But also the Greek myth where Narcissus drowns in the end because he keeps wanting to get closer to his reflection in the water. The thin tones almost suggest the ripples in the water after Narcissus drowned.

In the music score [see: No ye Narcissistic personality – Full Score] I used the following lines:

You are so pretty… [The narcissist looking in the mirror]. You have to go to the hairdressers… [to partner] Yes I will… [answer of the partner] Every friday… [together]

In the music score you can also see that the biggest part of the lowest two and the upper two music bars are mirrored. When the upper two instruments go up in tone, the lowest two will follow in a mirrored way. The music score opens in a different tab. After that you can revisit this page, start the music and go back to the music score. This way you will be able to read along with the music.