Anti-social personality disorder



  • I am often male
  • I’m impulsive, conscienceless and ruthless
  • I am dishonest and unreliable
  • I make beautiful promises, but I lie
  • I am the master of seduction
  • I look magnificent but I’m rotten on the inside
  • I have cold emotions and I don’t feel fear
  • I know exactly what you want to hear and once your in my power, I swallow you and spit you right back out once you’ve become useless to me.

Gerard [no ye]

Musical principles

  • Abruptly starting with the main theme [after the intro]
  • Measured, powerful beats
  • Repeating melodies. Two tones with half a note of difference
  • Animal sounds at the end [people tell me I used the sound of a female tawny owl]
  • Seducing with music [intro]
  • Sweet melodies with a rotten undertone
  • Bright sounds

The smooth boy. He walks in smoothly but is ice-cold on the inside. He’ll laugh at everything and anyone. Doesn’t care about anyone or anything (intermediate second part) Continues without thinking about anyone but himself. In the end it’s a beast who’ll eat anyone and spits him out whenever he doesn’t need you anymore.