Borderline personality disorder




  • I am either male or female
  • keyword: continuous crisis
  • I am instable, impulsive and i suffer from severe mood swings
  • I suffer
  • I want to be loved
  • I am afraid of loss
  • I think in black and white
  • I am boundless

Gerard [No ye]

Musical principles

  • Chaotic melodies
  • The pace is run and stop
  • Minor, somber chord changes
  • Emit fear
  • Clear contrasts
  • Unusual combinations of instruments and pitches
  • Echo

To finish it off I used a few sound effects to really transmit the fear to the listener. In the start we could all experience the glaringly, high pitched tone that almost hurts your eardrums. We experience it as glaring because our reference is being tested. Is this okay or not? The same as we judge colour combinations or taste.

In the end we are relieved and think: ‘finally, that’s over’. Reality for someone with a borderline personality disorder is that it often starts all over again, there is no end to it.